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Back to Reality-the seasons changing and so is the market!


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It's August! That means the season is changing, in life and in the real estate market. The shenanigans of summer can make for an uneasy shift into the scheduling norms. What's one of the most important aspects of this process...?? TIME MANAGEMENT! 

Listen in to this week's episode as we dabble into what it means to effectively manage your time. More to come on this topic as we dig into the specifics on how to live an efficient, successful life, both with your family and in your career. You don't want to miss it!

The Price is Right...or is it?

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This week we talk about pricing in a changing market. With the chaos of the sellers market starting to slow down, that means houses are living on the market longer than a day or two. While that may bring long-awaited hope for buyers, it doesn't go without disappointment and impatience from sellers.

So, what now? It's time to change the conversation and set new expectations. It's not just an agent-to-client conversation. As professionals, agent-to-agent, broker-to-broker, we must be able to communicate and find some common ground.

Join us on my podcast to hear our thoughts!

Rates & Rubbage: Lessons from the Lenders!

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The rise in rates seems to be all the outrage, but those percentage points aren't everything! Don't be fooled by hidden lending fees. Finding a lender you can trust is crucial in this market. Listen in as our special guests.

Join us for a spirited discussion where we dive into the lending process with our preferred partners, Ryann Thornton and Trish Thompson from Flat Branch Home Loans.
Flat Branch
We ran out of time after chatting for an hour about the importance of a good local lender.  We will definitely have them back to share more in future episodes!

Market Crash or nah?


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A recession doesn't mean a housing crisis! Don't believe what the news is telling you.

The news makes it sound like the sky is falling but what is really happening is the things that happened in the last 2 years are finally calming down. This doesn't mean the real estate market is going to crash! It simply means it's changing. I believe this to be a good thing. More time for more buyers to see homes available and make good sound financial decisions for themselves rather than being forced to make quick decisions that cost them more money than they planned for. This will bring the buyers who walked away from this market back.

There is no real estate "bubble bursting" because of several factors.
We are still suffering from a housing shortage from the last 10 years at a time when Millennials are reaching the prime home buying age. This will keep house prices on the rise.  Supply and demand at its best.

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In the last 6 recessions housing prices only fell twice.  One of these times being 2008 which was a banking crisis from loaning money to people they shouldn't have which caused the crash.  The other 4 of the 6 recessions home prices actually increased.


This doesn't mean homes will continue to appreciate at the rate they have the last 2 years. Experts say we are more than likely to see normal rates, around 4-5%, for the next several years. Probably more in high demand /growing areas of the country.


This means that even with the rates above what they have been, it's still a good time to buy if you are a prepared buyer!

According to Dave Ramsey's July 14th Article you are ready to buy a house if you meet these qualifications:

  • Debt free
  • Have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of bills
  • Your monthly house payment will be 25% or less of your monthly take home pay
  • You have down payment: 20% preferred but if less know you are going to pay PMI and you need to know what those costs are
  • You can pay the closing costs up front

After every recession since the 80's interest rates have gone down. Even with another Fed rate increase looming I think we are where we will be until the "recession" they are telling us we are heading for is over.


For more on this topic and all things real estate, join me on Facebook at Konversations with Kim or listen to my podcast!

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